With sensing, collecting, and onboard processing, our camera-centric AI and Machine Learning platform produces meaningful data that help manage and optimize “in-the-field” assets. Get image sensing/detection, location, and usage information, all sent wirelessly to your system, or use our back-end console. We consult, design, and build IoT solutions that work for you!



Engage your customers with rich, relevant content in real-time. Wow them with custom interactions and media. Our touch display and speaker give your customers the tools to design and interact with an experience…one that adds real value and keeps them returning for more.

Manage Your Assets In Real Time

The Connected Dashboard offers a complete package for asset or fleet management needs.



Add value with Skillion’s CONNECTED DASHBOARD.

Drive revenue with our hardware and software solutions. Acquire and process meaningful data, protect investments, reduce liability, and attract/retain customers.

The Connected Dashboard is a flexible value add for your enterprise because it provides multiple functional applications, such as: Helmet Detection, Fleet Management, Tours, and connectivity to our Hawkeye Rear Camera with threat detection and recording capabilities. Applications and customizations to suit any business needs are quick, easy, and low cost.


Innovate to stay in business, adapt to thrive!

Our Mask Detection Application addresses and reduces mask compliance anxiety! Assist your employees with compliance, and reduce/eliminate confrontational events. Skillion’s proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms can detect and relay information directly to your managers and/or customers.

Our COVID Steri-safe Application provides assurances to customers and insurers that your asset has been adequately cleaned. By using image capture and reporting, you can provide tangible evidence that you are doing all you can to keep your customers safe.


Shared assets for hire need a portable and flexible fleet management system.

This market is full of promise and, as consumers continue to become more comfortable with renting instead of owning, our Connected Dashboard provides the ideal hardware/software solution for managing shared assets.

More than an IoT management system, it offers a user interface for better client experiences. This drives usage, return bookings, and marketing…all on a flexible, universal, and customizable platform.

Use Skillion’s integrated IoT platform to add value to your business.


With the world’s shift toward new forms of transportation… and Skillion’s deep roots in technology and integrated software solutions…we’re a natural fit to advance the potential of the IoT field. We‘ve found, based on our technology platform, that serving OUR clients enhances the value they provide to THEIR customers


We see a cleaner, greener, safer and connected future, where moving around is a pleasure even in our most dense urban environments. A time when we seamlessly use shared assets, stay connected through multiple means, where we interact and use urban assets seamlessly,  efficiently – a place where we have fun.


We are the forefront of IoT with our Connected Dashboard,TM and SRSTM backend system.

The Connected Dashboard is a computer console designed to be attached to any asset. It incorporates rich data gathering technologies with a user interface featuring a color touch display and audio. Data gathering includes: 3600 imaging, GPS, location-based services and other in-built sensors. The processing power of an AI/machine learning engine extracts meaning from the sensing data. The connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, or 5G (coming soon) ensures seamless integration to online services.

The Skillion Remote System (SRS) is a backend and connectivity IoT solution in two parts.
The backend server supports the manager’s console for viewing data and generating reports. It also has logical algorithms for automatic functions and a scalable, virtual server architecture for almost unlimited growth. For connectivity, it includes an encryption security layer, OTA updates, and MQTT messaging for secure, fast, and easy adoption of new features and functions.

We believe our technology is world-class and ideal for the next generation of connected devices.


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