With sensing, collecting, and onboard processing, our camera-centric AI and Machine Learning platform produces meaningful data that help manage and optimize “in-the-field” assets. Get image sensing/detection, location, and usage information, all sent wirelessly to your system, or use our back-end console. We consult, design, and build IoT solutions that work for you!



Engage your customers with rich, relevant content in real-time. Show them with custom interactions and media. Our touch display and speaker give your customers the tools to design and interact with an experience…one that adds real value.

Manage REMOTELY In Real Time

Skillion offers complete solutions for asset, fleet and telehealth needs.



E-mobility means smart technology on your bike. 

Skillion has developed a universal smart bike device that combines an IoT device, a bike computer, multiple AI edge enabled cameras,  and security system into one touchscreen interface.

The 3 big trends in biking are safety, security and ebikes, Skillion is a technology leader in these areas. 


Telehealth solutions are IoT devices now too!

Skillion is your technology and change management partner. We help health care providers integrate their Telehealth systems.  Offering, change management, integration, software and AI  development to move quickly and seamlessly towards Telehealth. We link Telehealth systems with you EMR systems. Our HIPAA-compliant team offer you support as you transition to a health care future. We help you improve quality of care, while reducing costs. Let us support you as you move forward.


Ask about our GPS solution for managing fleets of EV’s. 

Our concealed GPS tracker provides the owner of e-bikes, e-scooters and other e-mobility vehicles with real-time, valuable data. This  gives you insights into the location, performance and state of repair of each individual vehicle. 

Vehicles are ‘connected’ like never before!. 


With the world’s shift toward IoT technology forms of transportation… and Skillion’s deep roots in this technology, edge based AI and integrated software solutions…we’re a natural fit to advance the potential of the IoT field. 


We see a cleaner, greener, safer and connected future, where moving around is a pleasure even in our most dense urban environments. A time when we seamlessly use shared assets, stay connected through multiple means, where we interact and use urban assets seamlessly,  efficiently – a place where we have fun.


We are at the forefront of IoT with our HAWKeye,TM and SRSTM products and have mastered software development and AI in multiple connected fields.

HAWKeye is a edge based AI camera the fits to the back of you bike.  The camera connects to your cell phone and alerts you on the graphical view what is coming up behind you. The Skillion Remote System (SRS) is a backend and connectivity IoT solution

We have partnered with a Telehealth provider that implements ground breaking TV based technology for health care providers.  

We believe our technology is world-class and ideal for the next generation of connected devices.


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